Tuesday, 18 January 2011

In search of Trolls...?

"Troll Rock formation"

"Troll carving?"
Fragment #1
"Troll Rock formation from Gortyn. Is there then some truth in the idea that the rare Trolls turn to stone?  Or is this some totemic carving, weathered and cracked?  I did not wait to find out."

"Weathered Troll rock."

Fragment #2
"I have a hunch that Trolls still exist in the southern lands of Gortyn."


"Stone Arrow Head"
Fragment #3

"We came to these distant shores in search of the rare Trolls, the aboriginal inhabitants of this ancient lands. But after 3 days walk inland I had seen no sign, no path beyond that animals make, no house nor tent nor sheltered cave, nothing, save this stone found on the second day that might be a primitive arrow head.  I was about to turn back to the coast when the mountain scrub-land cleared and revealed what I have named (in my arrogance) "The Valley of the Ancient Gods".  Around me on the rocky crags are ranged the widely spaced statues (I hope that is all they are) - great heads and torsos of colossal giants with jutting brows and chins, weathered and cracked like they have stood here for eons. Some are clearly the features of Trollish beings while others are so warn by time it takes the presence of the former to correctly divine their form.

"Hurried sketch of Troll rock head. It there a hint of an Elvish ear?"

It was about noon that Elrash reminded me of the rumor that stone and troll-flesh are much the same substance.  I started to sketch, but as the shadows lengthened his words began to play upon my mind, and returning to where only an hour before I had sketched a better preserved specimen I found it not.

We slept that night deep in the under-brush, and heard mighty drums on the heights... We could not find the valley come dawn."

"Sketch of well-preserved Troll statue."
Fragment #4

"Perhaps these rocky Giants I have witnessed where not the Trolls I sought - the old texts speak of true Trolls as not that much bigger than a tall Sea-Elve, though stronger by far. Could instead these vanishing statues have been a wild band of Faerie making a long escapade into the world of the physical, far from the interfering machinations of the magic-fascinated introverts of our organic races?  If so, long let them dance!"

"Sketch of a well-preserved Troll statue. The ear is clearly and distinctly elvish in character.  Why? Where not Humans the mid point between Trolls and the Elvish people?"

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