Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Musings on the bones of Dragons...

"The Sharmail Library Dragon Skull."

 Fragment # 1

"The Sharmail Library Dragon Skull - sketched in the scant minuets that where afforded me by the zealous librarian."

On the reverse, in an uneven script - 

"Bilge-skinned librarians! She hit me with a book crook, just for trying to touch the Dragon skull.  I thought she was reading!"

"Horse skull for comparison to Dragon"
And in more even script, bellow - 

"My suspicion is that this is a baby skull.  The fontanel is still open, the plates yet to be fused and the egg beak is still intact, and under developed.  A still-born dragon maybe?  It is a mere 3 feet in length.  If their patterns are wedded closely enough to the Organic world the teeth indicate they are not milk feeders!"

Fragment # 2

"Horse Skulls have a similar structure to Dragons, though the latter also owes its form to birds and dinosaurs.  Are they from an Organic lineage??"

Comparison of Dragon and Wolf's leg structure.
 Fragment # 3

"Dragon's leg bones."

"Wolf leg bones for comparison."

"Drawn in a hurry on a beach of the first Island of the Jagraana Archipelago north of Beorg while cowering behind a giant limpet."

"Dragon in "High Walk"" - leg bones

 Fragment # 4

"Crocodiles have a walk called the "Low Walk" and another called "High Walk". It appears that Dragons are in some ways similar..."

"Dragon in "High Walk". My mood:- Concerned."

"Wings (not to scale)" - Bone structure

Ottarolian dinosaur hips and badger hips
Fragment # 5

"Wings (not to scale)"

"My Dragon leg (Jagraana)

Primative Dinosuar (e.g. Central Ottarol)

Pterosaur (e.g. Northern Ottarol)

Bird (e.g. Northern Ottarol)

Bat (e.g. Tuy F'Fowyap)"
"Allosaurus Fragilis Skull"

Fragment 6 #

"Allosaurus Fragilis skull from  Uryupinsk trader, who acquired it in Alaran. Thought to originally have come from Ottarol"

On reverse - 

"Structure of the Fragilis is very open, and in many ways similar to birds and to the Sharmail Library Dragon Skull.  Birds and Dragons fly - Fragilis, as far as I am aware does not.  Is this an adaption for a speedy and fish based diet? More importantly - Why do Dragons have all these poetic resonances with the birds and beasts of the Organic Physical world? If, as I suspect, they are essentially poetic creatures, what does this say about their magical Faerie structures? Do they rhyme as well with the other realms? If only I had had the patience to complete my shamanic training!  Why does the horizon always call so strongly??"

"Allosaurus Fragilis"


  1. I have never seen anything like your work. Keep it coming please.