Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sea-Elvish proverb.

A Wangrey in an old book of collected pages copied from the vaults of Sharmail Library

"Gwamling wangrey,
Gor err sallosallay!

A Fleet of Castle-rafts
You are very two faced!

Gwamling  = Fleet / many
Wangrey    = Floating fortified raft castle
Gor             = you
Err             = big
Sallosallay = Double faced / human

Meening:- If you have many boltholes to run to, how can you be trusted?

Secondary implication that humans always come to any event with many prepared escape strategies (i.e. they are untrustworthy and cowardly)

Wangrey are only used as a hiding place and hiding should be an admission of defeat. It is dishonorable to attack someone hiding in the tribal Wangrey.

Pronunciation - this proverb is in Rrettirremin, a language where double letters are rolled and all edges sanded down like driftwood"

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