Thursday, 27 January 2011

Pressed Flowers

 [These two pages of pressed flowers where found in a half finished anthology of cartography, sandwiched between a political diagram of Kreyic and a large attempt to map all of north eastern Ottarol.  I have no idea why he collected them, but Faadon Naano seems a dreamy kind of a fellow, given to following his fancies...]

"Herbs from the forests of Mwn, in Kreyic."
 Fragment #1

"A few herbs from the forests of Mwn, in Kreyic, collected one time when my brother said a prince had 'summoned' me for some kind of tedious address thing. In a few ways I regret not going. Getting my boat - Acreshi - out of that Human harbor unscathed took quite a bit of planning, what with all those bailiffs and guards all over her, but it had been such a lovely sunny day for a walk, and the woodlands looked so appealing... Still, at least that boring prince never got to see my face, should we ever cross paths again!  My brother is still angry about it though. Cost him an illustrated map of the forests to cheer that prince up again - said it took him two months just walking the ground!"

"Medical herbs collected in Zingomoogaer."

Fragment #2

"A few medical herbs collected in Zingomoogaer from an olive grove in spring.  The Elvish folk here are so much more to my temperament than those stuffy Human nobles. Is it not the case that a lazy evening by a bonfire is a far more pleasurable place to quaff ale than some dusty hall full of speeches and etiquette and standing up and sitting down on command? 

Having said that, an anonymous looking Elvish tribal leader insisted that I attend some kind of solemn crop blessing thing tomorrow at noon, all long chants and intense 'meaningful' expressions, so it looks like an early start. The tide turns an hour before dawn..."

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