Tuesday, 25 January 2011

"My Wife"

"My Wife"

Fragment #1

"My wife, studying one of her rare bardic texts. My curiosity is only matched by the depth of her soul."

"By the light of  the sunset"

Fragment #2

"By the light of the sunset my wife composes her lays. Today, far from any land, I listen to the gentle slap of water against the hull and reconnect with the fierce peace of the Sea-Elvish side of my ancestry.  I love my life!  Salt on the lungs and lips... To drift from Continent to Continent with my most beautiful wife, listening to her songs and stories - how she twists and twines simple communication into passions as deep as the ocean or as high as the sky, darts them through the minds of her audience as quickly and as delicately as a fish among the coral, and how she tolerates my insistent need to dissect fish eyes on the galley table... 

Damn, reminds me, I left the puffer-fish guts where the baby can reach it..."


  1. Happy St. Dwynwen's day my love xxx

  2. There'll be no St Dwynwen fun next year if you let Hinky Punk eat puffer-fish! But she'll probably just chuck it overboard, so I expect she'll be okay.