Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Stained Glass Dragon from the Sharmail Library

Close up of dragon Stained Glass

The whole Stained Glass Window as drawn
"Stained Glass from the Sharmail Library. 

Faadon Naano 2404"

Close up of Runes on the tail of the dragon
[The runes on the tail of this Dragon are not Magish as one might expect, but look perhaps Dwarvish.  Either way they are indecipherable at present. They may well be a spell, rather than a written phrase.  The Magish Rune for Dragonic protection is used prominently in the center of the image.]


  1. This is what happens when an archaeologist dreams with a pencil in his hand...x

  2. An archaeologist with an anthropologists ear and the partly broken body of a Shaman.

    And a child's ego.

    Dragons... Brilliant!