Tuesday 1 March 2011

Today I Rage

I Hate Humans

Fragment #1:

"I Hate Humans.

I will make the sea boil, the hull hiss and the sailcloth crack.

Today I Rage"

Fragment # 2:

"Imp in the bilges eating my spare halyard.  I trapped it in a jelly-pan. Next self-important human aristocrat donkey-bothered filcher who tries to nick some thithe off me gets an imp in their garderobe!"

[There is no way to tell what sent Faadon into this mood - this fragment is a loose leaf unconnected to any other. It may be that t he picture is an actual depiction of the Faerie Realm, but Faadon was quite open with the fact that he never managed to master much of the shamanism or magic craft that would have allowed his to travel easily to there. Instead it could simply be an expression of his feelings.  He is not known for his steady mood when dealing with officialdom, as the second fragment shows.]

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  1. Who among us can lay claim to 'a steady mood when dealing with officialdom'? I sympathise.