Friday, 4 February 2011

Some maps of the Globe

[I shall publish Faadon's descusion of these maps at a later date - for now here are a few raw maps...]

A view of the Earth as it would be seen on the back of a dragon flying very high over the continent of Ottarol. In the center right is the ancient homelands of the Dwarves of Rock.  The dessert at the bottom is the home of the sand Dwarves, while the crescent in the center is where one can find dinosaurs. Essam, bottom left, is the now deserted continent where the Mage-created lifeforms such as Humans, Elves and Dwarves where created.
A rough design for a Sea-Nation trading map of the globe.  It serves the ego of the Sea-Elvish captain rather than any practical sense, not even having the currents depicted.

The captain who commissioned this map was obviously most interested in the trading opportunities in north-eastern Ottarol...

...and in Tuyun. There is an established trade rout following the currents and the winds between them. Yeno, the island in the top right, for instance, is not named, for the Ice Dwarves here do not engage in trading.

Ottarol , Gortyn and Essam depicted in the opening page of a book called "An Anthology of the World"

Tuyun, Tuy F'Fowyap and the Jagraana Archipelago in the same book.


  1. Do they have magnets in this world?

  2. I should imagine so. Why?

    I should think they also have other directional tools based on magical 'hot spots'

  3. Ahh, I was just thinking of the globes they make these days that are held between two magnets that oppose magnets inside the globe. they're very magical and i like them.... that all really.

  4. That sounds very cool - I might have to make one...